Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I had a great time with my daughter

My son isn't the only best kid in the world. My daughters are, too. Last week, when I went home to Des Moines over the holidays, I had a wonderful time visiting with my middle daughter.

JT surprised me. I wasn't sure what kind of reception I would have with her. Circumstances haven't always been idea. Divorce. Separate homes. My moving away to Texas when she was a teen. Then I got busy with book contracts and didn't keep in touch with her as much as I should have. But her grace was generous and overwhelming. She welcomed me home with open arms and spent every possible minute with me. Smiling.

The highlight was when we stole away from everyone else to hang out at a barbecue joint.

I'm so proud of JT. She got her degree. Works for a doctor as a medical assistant. She could give me a shot, take my blood pressure, read my vitals if I so desired. And she knows big medical terms that I can't remember to repeat.

She cried when we parted. Not in front of me, of course. She waited until I left. Then she balled all the way home.

JT is the best kid in the world!

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